Alan McIlravie

Walking the mountains and glens as well as sailing in the beautiful landscapes of Scotland excites my imagination. I used to utter the phrase 'I wish I could paint that' and so, eventually, I did. Atmospheric landscapes and crumbling structures enthuse me as well as recording the nooks and crannies of Kinghorn. I'm probably happiest when I'm sketching some quirky scene, sipping from a flask of tea and enjoying an impromptu conversation with a passing stranger.

In these circumstances, watercolour suits my aspirations and need for flexibility. Spending quality time in the fresh air, while concentrating on a subject, pushes the cares and woes of everyday life to the side, strengthening mind and body. A quick sketch and a splash of colour on cartridge paper followed some months later with stretched watercolour paper and a bit more care. Now, what better lifestyle is there?

RTH : 2016 | 2017