Evie Milo

Evie is a jeweller/designer/maker working with rare and recycled materials. She breathes new life into forgotten things, weaving together histories and materials to transform the everyday into something extraordinary and unique.

Affectionately known as the 'spoon lady', Evie chooses to work with recycled silver instead of depleting the world of its natural resources. Salvaged antique sterling silver teaspoons are re-imagined and transformed into items with a new beauty and charm.

This raw material is taken on several entirely different journeys to create a few distinct collections: beautiful heirlooms from one generation are cleverly reinvented for the next and each piece is meticulously handcrafted with individuality and uniqueness in mind.

Evie also works with recycled copper. Old plumbing pipes collected from bathroom and kitchen renovations are cut, flattened, hammered, formed and combined with silver and beads as well as recycled drinks cans and transformed into beautiful pieces of jewelleryto wear.


Evie has previously worked with recycled maps, music and other paper ephemera as well as buttons to make ranges of stationery, accessories and decorations. As her focus has now shifted more towards working as a jeweller, these ranges are beginning to be phased out - so expect a bit of a sale at this years Round The Horn with lots of items reduced in price and lots of bargains to be had.

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This venue accepts card payments.
This venue accepts card payments