We are always open to applications from local artists and those further afield to be considered as venues and also visiting artists. To apply, please read the guidelines below.

We are a small local event and we have a natural limit to the number of venues we can accommodate as visitors need to be able to complete our festive creative trail in one day.


In order to participate as a venue in our creative trail you need to be living in Kinghorn with an accessible studio space at home or a space in which you can display your work to the public. If you can accommodate a visiting artist this would be of benefit and is considered as a part of the selection criteria. The nature of your work itself may also influence your application as we prefer to have a wide range of practices within the group, so for example, if there are lots of jewellers already on the trail, a jeweller may have less chance of being accepted than, say, a sculptor.

As our creative trail event is organised informally and is self-funded by participating artists and makers, those providing a venue are classed as 'full' members of the group and will be expected to partake in the following activities:

- attend all our meetings
- vote on artist applications (when necessary)
- take part in publicity prior to the event (this includes press photos as well as marketing the event online and offline)
- take on a share of leaflet distribution to promote the event
- occassionally take minutes at meetings and distribute these to the other group members
- be open to take on a committee role (chair, secretary, treasurer)
- contribute to the cost of the event (printing of leaflets, website domain/hosting, balloons etc are shared)
- be happy to provide a gift for the prize draw festive stocking

We also expect the following of 'full' members of the group:

- that you are able to accomodate a large number of visitors into your home on the day of the event*
- As a professional artist/maker, you will be covered by the necessary insurance (public liability)
- Our event showcases handmade, handcrafted work, so your work needs to be personal to you and not mass manufactured in any way. You will need to demonstrate a professional standard of craftsmanship to the existing members of the group who are looking for originality, craft/skill, and flair.

*you can expect between 150-300 visitors through your door in one day

To be considered as a venue for our event, simply approach one of the current venue artists. They will then arrange to present some examples of your work to the rest of the group at the next meeting. Your work will be discussed as will your suitability as a venue. We vote as a group and our votes are based on content, quality, accessibility and suitability for the trail.

Visiting Artists

Each year some venues on the trail invite another artist/maker into their home/studio to take part in the event. We like to invite different people each year to keep the line-up fresh for visitors to the event, but that doesn't mean that if you've been involved once as a visiting artist that you can't be involved again.

Visiting artists can be based locally in Kinghorn or work from studios further afield. The number of opportunities for these guest appearances can be limited by both the number of venues with capacity to exhibit another artist and the number of invitations already extended to artists who've previously made themselves known to us.

Visiting artists are not voted on by the group, as any venue holder is responsible for deciding whether they want to host a visiting artist and also who they want to invite to participate in the event. However the group's opinion on a visiting artists suitability is always considered.

If you would like to take part in the event but don't want to or can't be a venue, simply get in touch with us and we will add you to our list of people who are interested in being visting artists.


For venue and visiting artist applications, please be aware that our event takes place in November and all our publicity materials are prepared months in advance, so to be considered, please apply early in the year to avoid disappointment.