Lynette Gray

I was born in Edinburgh. After graduating from Edinburgh College of Art, I went on to teach art and design in Secondary school, for more years than I care to mention. Now I live in Kinghorn, Fife, where I work as an artist and run my own art classes.

I’m inspired by landscape and prefer to work out of doors if the weather allows it. My paintings reflect a love of the countryside and architecture in Scotland. I also enjoy doing watercolours of plants and fungi.

In 2009, I adopted the gardens, unused flat and waiting room of Kinghorn station with the aim of converting the rooms into studios and a gallery. The renovation project was completed in November 2011 and I gave up work in Secondary a month later.

My studio is upstairs at the station. It has wonderful views over the Forth. I paint there surrounded by my studies of local wildflowers and have never been so busy.

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