Maggie MacDonald

I specialise in hand-crafting unique jewellery and accessories. In particular, I turn fine merino wool and silk into truly original necklaces, ear-rings, bags and fastenings. By dressing the fabric with semi-precious stones, glass beads and freshwater pearls, I help you to make that distinctive statement about your own personality.

I choose fibres for their colour and texture. By using a technique known as “wet felting”, the fibres are blended, shaped and worked to give the look and feel that’s just right for the piece. The resulting hand-made fabric is something that stands out on its own. As an accessory it can transform an everyday outfit into something special. I can also customise colours to match that glamorous outfit for a wedding, night out or celebration.

Naturally, the felt is only the starting point. For finer detail, beads, pearls and stones are added in a myriad of colours, shapes and sizes to give a richness of texture and style. The end result is therefore a hand-crafted original.

RTH : 2012 | 2013


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