Turtle Mummy Crafts

Turtle Mummy Crafts creates bespoke cushions and textile wear for the home made in my summerhouse at the bottom of my garden. Since leaving Art School with a Sculpture degree, my work has organically changed towards a more tactile and fabric based form. However, my source of inspiration has always stayed the same; photography.

A photo can tell hundreds of stories and I don't think we can ever have enough of them, why not use them in a creative way that showcases our most precious memories and loved ones. I especially love old black and white photos which just ooze nostalgia and mystery.

Words and reading too are a great source of inspiration. They can have a profound influence on us and by turning a page life can be transformed in that instant thanks to reading a good book. I love photographs and words and incorporating them into handmade items lovingly stitched together.

RTH : 2015


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